Love Did Me Dead

They say, 'Love lasts forever'
and forever I was a fool,
for love did me in,
love killed me good!
I should've known better,
I should neverhave loved, .
I should've known better,
I never should have loved her!

The woman of my dreams
now the demon of my nights,
Her arms once around me
now strangle me tight.
Loved turned to hate,
hate to dispair.
No tears in my eyes
only my anger!

She said, 'love is forever'
but I know it's not,
for love did me in
after love broke my heart!
I should've known better,
should've gotten it right!
but always a fool
for a pretty girl's lies.

A fool to believe,
her words of true love.
A fool to believe
he could ever be loved.
A meaningless lesson
and all learned too late,
for I took her love
right straight to my grave.!

They say, 'love is forever'
but I saw it end!
for Love did me in,
Love did me dead!
I should've known better
I should never have loved.
I should've known better,


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