Love Drop By Gio Masserati

Love Drop

I'm going to cry
please don't stop me
I don't care if I should
or if they say I can't

I'm going to release
my pain into this world
knowing it may not be kind
there isn't a quick fix
to steady the blow hurled

my sadness bottled up is toxic
so I'll release it as pollution
to rise up in the hemisphere
and add to global warming

hopefully they'll find a cure
to fix the world we live in
at least the junk will be out of me
to cleanse the heart for healing

if you can't see me
or understand my broken ness
then tune me out
put me on mute
surely your actions
won't help me hurt less

i'm not on display
for just 'any' emotion
the poison was deep
a tainted love potion

passion never dies slow
til love lost is fulfilled
wait through the nights
mending to healed

until i am finished
licking.. every drop
off hearts wounds
this heart will not stop

wanting my Love drop
My Love..drop..

by Gio Masserati

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