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Love Eternal
SR (November 15,1985 / Methuen, MA)

Love Eternal

She was sad to let him go;
Amidst the morning snow.
She knew she had to though;
She was sad to let him go.

He knew he had to fight;
Amidst the dank, dark night.
Though the horrid sight;
He knew he had to fight.

She had a dream.
She heard him scream.
Not what may seem;
She had a dream.

He lay down;
Upon the ground.
Without a sound;
He lay down.

He passed away;
On that sad, rainy day.
He tried to stay;
He passed away.

They laid him to rest;
To the bugle’s best.
It was her hardest test.
They laid him to rest.

Many years past;
A shadow they cast.
Her heart could not last
Many years past.

They laid her down;
To a crying sound.
In front of the whole town;
They laid her down.

These two lovers;
They found each other.
Together forever;
These two lovers.

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Good poem. It made me feel sad and kind of lonely.