VKN (september 24 1985 / Chennai)

Love Fool

i still remember the day,

the day i proposed her,

game plan was to make someone fool,

but i ended up falling in love,

not because she accepted,

its the way she rejected,

love wasn't anything to me till then,

an unexplainable force gathered inside,

and struck my heart straight away,

from then everytime she walked across,

my heart beat just doubled,

may be it was beating for both me and her,

it all started with sundays,

when i used to wait at the gates,

for the early mornings she goes to the church,

and at the library,

where our silence spoke much,

that one midnight call she made,

was the final touche to the love shade,

i went around asking her,

did she really ever called,

or it was just a dream,

she just smiled,

and thus she answer me,

from then I'm a love fool!

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