Love For A Stranger....

Laughter, joy, sorrow, guilt, hatred or simple love
whats this I feel for you?
surely it cant be hatred, but is it love or simply guilt?
here i stand in the center of this answer seeking journey, Alas answers seem to be hidden in black corners of my heart.
could it be the fact that you were a stranger trapped in me?

We never got the chance to know each other, although we had connected more than words can describe.
how could i have known a stranger who had invaded my life so Sweetly!
Yet im still a stranger to my own true self.

My heart bleeds black Watched tears, for this is my pain alone!
my body, my heart, my soul yawns for your little innocent smile.
I only feel you in my dreams.
Is it guilt? that has corrupted my dreams?
had i Poisoned you against me, Hence you still haunt me

i only hold you in my dreams, hence i don't want them to leave me
Could these dreams be your way of knowing me?
This is no poem, these are words of a shattered mother.
love for a known stranger

i sit alone in the dark and reminisce about the good times we had, when i would recite loving words for you.
the things we had planned to do when you had decided to leave my inner dark space and join me in my real world

Dont you visit the other party in this dream?
the only connection we have now are my God given female balls.
I feel you, i long for you to need me
no happiness, love, money or more of you can replace you! ! !
Love for my known stranger.....

by Njube Nangamso

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