Love For Everyone

Beautiful you are so,
ever more high to low.
Smile cheek bone to cheek,
just one glance is all I seek.
Eyes memorising like heavens sky,
let me in your world,
forever we'll fly.
Radiant like the suns kiss,
Glowing brighter piercing through even the coldest days of mist.

Sunrise like the glow to your skin,
Sunset like the slow movement of that beautiful cheeky grin.
Walk beside me hand in hand,
Matching the spaces as our palms land.
Together I'll be your light,
As forever in life's frights.

I'll be here day or night,
Next to you or out of sight.
Smart caring thoughtful I can't believe,
Out going bubbly hearts on our sleeves.

A love deserving by all,
So stand up don't fall.
There's someone for everyone,
Even if it seems like there is no one.

by Andy Sayasone

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Walk beside me hand in hand..... Love your positive words. Thanks Andy