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Love For Many Things
MB ( / Los Angeles, California USA)

Love For Many Things

Poem By Marianne Bogolub

Love I find everywhere I go and be.
God, give it to me.
Love -- for the State, love for the Land.
After the Second War, America, California I found.
Love for Children, People and Animals;
Wild beast, Lion, Tiger, Monkey and Camel.
Love for the Trees and the blooming Flower,
Love, for the Sunshine, the raining Shower.
Love, for everything, everywhere I go.
I don't like disturbing, shattering, evil Things.
I like to use my wings and fly from them away.
I like to see the wonderful work of God.
And the Life, oh God!
You have given to me,
It is a privilege!
To breathe, to explore, to love and to be.

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