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Love For My Son's
AS (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

Love For My Son's

Poem By AHO Speaks

Love For My Son's

My son's my son's, you are not two but only one
As I love God, so I love you, as I love the earthly sun
My love is something that cannot be split in two
It is totally whole and one; and is for you and you.

Do not be sad or jealous or say I'm not fair
For of my love; to you; I give the greatest share
When you get sad, angry or fustrated; come to me
To you the happiness of the angels; for all to see.

From babies to children and tomorrow like me
Share your love and you shall grow like a Redwood tree
You brought me love and that makes me whole
Each of you renewed my life and uplifted my soul.

What you have done for me you can do for others
Just remember they are your sisters and brothers
When someone is cruel or makes you sad
Just remember to come home; to dear old dad.

12-20-05 Aho Speaks

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