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Love Forms

I wonder what it is like to be a president,
and to be lied about every day.
I wonder what it is like for a mother
to hear hurtful words her children say. Love knows no boundaries, no borders,
I am told, and so it feels
the heart, and healers are sold upon
placing love in a bottle.
And it may come in many forms, such as: Perfume, vitamins, hair tonic, hair color,
Talc, beer? Perm lotion, pills? LSD?
Wine? Crack? Cocaine? Bourbon? Water?
Vodka? Hormones? Why? On and on, 'til infinity? All to make a rich man richer,
and so many of us who are sick become
even sicker. Because we become so commercialized,
for it is to revitalize the wonderful man
with his healer plan, so love becomes a big Fat! Scam! Yet, mother's love is no sham!

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