The One Who Will Live

She is the one who lives
She will live in our anger
The shame we feel, yes it will stay
She will live in the fire
That will consume us in the coming days

She is the one who was loved brutally
By men here and there
She is the one who was killed slowly
By callous eyes, by hands insincere

Now they say they should be hanged?
All our leaders do is pretend?
Are they leaders really? ? ? ? ?
Do they only understand votebanks and rally?

A penality so easy should we pursue
In a second to give you your salvation
While she died gasping for breath
Remember her cries, yes they will live inside of you

I wish I had more than just words
Can you imagine the plight
Of the man who saw his love
Falling from grace right in front of his eyes…
Not to forget that we would soon
Cover the incident with cautious caprice

& yes what to say of the woman
Who is gone
Now that she is scattered in the valley sublime
And screeches aloud my womanhood

'she will always live, she will always live
In my anger, in my fire
In my voice against injustice and crime! ! '


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