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Love French

Love French

I love them. Love French
-not because are correct;
-not always!

But have guts
-are very different
-good or bad use their minds.

One case was of Bush-War
-the French rejected attack on the Iraq
-looking back, we see that they were right.

Everything of terror of today has root in
-Bush ‘s word that Yankees fast approved.

I see it as if was just yesterday
-wine bottles were shattered
-and "Fried" got changed name.

French are great in
-resisting, coming out;
-and become "Avantgarde".

Look at them everywhere
-different, uncommon,
-in the fields of the arts
-and the life, the social

They are the pioneers

Today too, I read an article
-look at what Catherine said
-Deneuve and hundred more women.

They, too, may, after long
-become the example
-a sample to be called:
- "Avantgarde"! ! !

by Nassy Fesharaki

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