Love From First Sight

Poem By Rudy Hossam

I never believed in love from first sight
It’s said to be but it’s never right
People talked about it all night
As if it’s clearer than pure light.

I heard their stories with a doubt
How could such a thing be right?
I left the room and got out
When something appealing happened that night.

I saw a guy for the first time
His eyes lit in that dark night
And it didn’t take him a long time
To realize that I too want him to be mine.

He came with a smile on his face
And said sweetly his name
I smiled back from my place
And happily I said my name.

Then I remembered the stories said
And how you pass by a stranger once
You never knew him before that time
And somehow you fall in love with him.

So I realized that the stories were totally right
And they weren’t rumors said for a fun night
That was only when I tried it out
When I fell in love, love from first sight.

Comments about Love From First Sight

A very sweet poem, and so true - you never believe it until it happens to you!
one of the best which i read thanks
this is a really cute poem meeting new people and falling in love.
I feel this isone of the best I have read.
You've great talent for writing poem. It's too beautiful. I believe in love from first sight, eyes couldn't lie.

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