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Love Grows

I know love grows
Yet sometimes its growth is painfully slow
That I just want to say goodbye and go

When moments are hard
And one is down and sad
I look into my own backyard
And ask where the love is?

For if love grows
When it is really necessary, why does it not show?
Instead love tries to hide away in grass that’s low
Or avoids those times by starting a gigantic row

Patience my dear! Says love
Love grows
Time will tell
Things will flow
Eventually love itself will surrender and bow

2005 - Sylvia Chidi

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At times, , love doesn't grow and one just has to move on but if there is even the slightest glimmer of hope, hold on tight and it will grow....You write so well of love......marci
'Goodbye and go', 'my own backyard', 'grass that's low', 'a gigantic row': these everyday, sometimes exaggerative images ('gigantic' for example) cleverly make the speaker's line of thinking appear child-like and unrealistic...which it is clearly anything but. Humour, cleverness and profound thinking all working together here. Nice work, Sylvia.