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Love Has Passed Me By
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Love Has Passed Me By

You asked me if I was sorry
And I looked far away
Too many words have been spoken
And there is not one more for me to say

I could ask you about the stain
On your cuff that was my last straw
Or I could not look inside myself
To see therein lies the flaw.

Perhaps I ought to tell you
I know that you have not been true
There is so much you are not saying
That something-I see it through.

Don’t you remember the words
The promises that we swore never to break
Now I clutch at lazy Sundays
Our mixed mugs, your burnt bake.

I have seen you-so many a time
All yellow images in my mind’s eye
I know I have waited for you
To come and make me survive

I have seen you often smiling
That smile I know isn’t you.
If I asked you if you were sorry
Would you agree and now be true?

And yet you kneel now and ask me
With eyes that drown me cruel.
And those images, the times, they mock me
That I am now not love’s fool.

I know I should say yes.
But I choke on my reply
Isn’t it ironic that now with you kneeling
Cruel love has passed me by?

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Compared with your poem, 'If It's Not Really You, ' this pales. I think the rhyme weakens it. Rhyme is difficult to do correctly on serious poems. The meter in this poem is off, so your good images come up wanting. You do have some good images here, but having just read your previous poem and finding it so well done, I would say to give up the rhymes until you can master a perfect meter with them. Just my opinion. Raynette