Poem By The Broken Poet

I love you, I hate you
But your always on my mind
I hate the way you smile
As beautiful as it may be
I hate the way you walk
And I hate the way you talk
I hate the way you smell
And I hate the way you feel
I hate the way you hair shines
And waves in the breeze
But most of all I hate the way
You make me feel
How your always on my mine
The way I see you but your never there
I hate it when I look at another girl
And all I see is you
I especially hate how much I love you
And everything you do
I hate how I can never have you
Or how my heart is not breaking over you
But shattering inside
With each piece of my heart
Contains a tiny fragment of memories I’ve confined
Memories of you I’ve held deep in side
Never letting go
I hate the way I feel when I miss you
And I want to break down and cry
I hate the pain that’s burning inside
w/t thoughts of how much I love you
that I could never hide
I hate, it and I hate you
But know matter how much I say it
I’ll still always love you deep down in side

Comments about Love/Hate

T.B.Poet, i intend to use this poem in my growing July 2018 showcase. Thanks. bri ;) p.s. i'm going to send a message to your PH Inbox telling you about the showcase etc.
this could use some serious corrections, but i like it, nonetheless. to MyPoemList. are you still alive? on PH? bri :)

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