MS (26/7/1987 / heliopolis)

Love Hiding In A Dell

My love for you can be more than cosmic
It can be a rose sheltered by a merciful angel
I can be the dream of love
That'll always be so true
I'll be a candle at dark
To guide you
I'll be the sun
When the sky is so blue
I'll be the lullaby
While you are in the arms of mine
The wide arms
That will always combine
Surrender to me
You will be fine
Can't wait to be a mother
Even brother I won't mind

Waiting for a crystal night
That will be so bright
When u just tell me
That um your delight
Come on…
You are the wanted knight
For love of mine
I want you to fight
So that when u come here
Here in my arms
You'll be the emperor
Emperor of peerless world
A world that's so soft
World of roses,
And spirit of pureness

I can be a smile…
When it's too hard
I can be a shelter
When it's too cold
I can be a caressing breeze
When it's too hot
I can be a warm touch
When loneliness is taking you apart
I'll be your shimmering star
To walk your way
When you are feeling down
I will be the hand
To take you up
I'll be your shout
When you want to scream so loud
I'll be the hope
I'll be the joy
I'll be a daisy to make your day
Smell it
It's in the air

Do you hear this?
It’s the symphony of love
Symphony of life
I'll play it forever
So that you know how love could be
Love is a home
To live in
Till forever
It's immortal

So…why don't you get close?
Why are you hiding in that dell?
Why don't you even tell?
Tell the word
That worth the whole world

Mousheera shafik

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