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Love-How I Hate This Feeling

All twisted
Torn up inside
Don't know what to do
How to act
Not even sure who I am anymore
Everything changing so fast
No time to adjust
No time to even catch my breath
He was just a friend
Now he's so much more and it scares me to death
Just wish that I knew what to do
Love-How I hate this feeling
So damm wonderful and awful at the same time

Toe curling
A thousand fireworks going off in my head tonight
Fighting not to care
My fear of this unknown terrain quickly unraveling my
Everytime I see him
It just keeps on getting worse and worse
No idea what to say to him if anything
God help me please before I lost my mind
Unsure and just the littlest bit insecure
When it comes to this monster growing inside of me
How does anyone survive something like what I'm going
through right now?
Love-How I hate this feeling

Dying inside
Yet I swear that I've never felt more alive
How crazy?
How strange and wacky is that?
So fast
Too fast
This rollercoaster ride is happening
Driving me really quite mad
Out of sorts
Out of my mind
Want to but it seems that I just can't kick him out of my
No matter what I do
Love-How I hate this feeling

My emotions boiling up so much inside
That I feel as if any moment I'm going to blow my top
Scream out at the world
Every love song that I've ever heard
On every radio that I've ever owned
Wanna be strong but how can I when just seeing him
makes me
So very weak in the knees
My insides turned to a mush of sloppy jello
Wondering if he could ever feel the same as I do
Dreading if and when he ever does
God, what am I going to do if....?
Ugh! That's all I have to say about this....

Messed up
Mixed up adventure they all call a joy
It's a horror to me
Love-How I hate.....

Really, really hate.....

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