DM (August 9,1960 / Pensacola Florida)

Love Hurts

From deep within my heart I've cried many unseen tears,
from the pain of loves deception I've felt throughout the years.
No one will ever truely know the pain one feels inside,
until they themselves have held close to a love that has slowly died.
When love becomes one sided, only one really feels the pain.
They've given their heart right from the start just to see love die in vane.
It leaves a vast space deep inside that seems you can never fill.
The pain of lost love can't be denied because emotions like that are so real.
To love again is the answer but the pain you'll never forget,
so try to move on to better things and pray you'll have no regret.

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ur right david... and it is only people who really know you who can see those tears and feel the heartache no matter how hard you hide it =) ....hmmm.. can you check 'to love again' by francis utada and my version too.... hope u'll enjoy reading both =)