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Love Hurts
LF (12/30/88 / tulare, ca)

Love Hurts

No matter how hard you try, sometimes its just not hard enough.No matter how much you cry, a river of tears will never dew. No matter how much you pray, sometimes its not enough.

No matter how angry or mad you get at the world you'll still be in your element. Yes, it hurts but you know what i learned in this world, No matter who or what you do, you can't live without love.

I know its cissy thing to say coming from a person like me, but even I will admit it. I'm not saying theres love every where, but for those out there living my life, those who didn't really get to be a kid, those who seem mad at the world and those who are acting tough but crying inside, some where out there theres something for you, maybe not this life but the next.

Who knows? Yes, 'love' might exist, yes it might be peaceful. But from my point of veiw, yes, it might hurt. Yes, i'm alittle worried but heck you know what I say, you can't always know when something happens, so be ready for it.

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i like how u put everything in just those few words. it means alot. yeah u may not have found love yet but its going to happen. we have many years ahead of us and we just need to relax. dont go looking for love. let it come to you. sooner or later you will find the person u were meant to be with.
Love comes in many foms my friend when it bites you will be intoxicated, floating, not knowing which way to turn, love does exist but it has to be true love. Your poetry is good and will get better believe me and believe in yourself, a friend Chris Savin