Love Hurts

Oh how love has changed my life.
When will my boyfriend come back
Is it me that Im doing wrong
Or is it he who is messing around.
I've lost hope to love again
It feels like I've lost something inside me.
When you loose something,
Its hard to get the exact thing back.
Loosing love is the hardest task to over come.
But in the end
You'll see how much you've grown.
And how much you've learned.
There will still be pain, and lots of hurt.
Its hard when you have to wake up, and not feel him by your side.
When will it ever stop.
Will I ever leave my past behind?
When will the pain go away, when?


Comments (2)

well done, it shows true emotion. and you don't have to try to understand it because alot of people no how that feels. oh an i know how that feels.
Very good, you really got me here, I FELT the pain, well done, great ending too.10