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Love Hurts

It seems that it’s been forever
Since you were gone
I look behind me
And now it’s done

The days goes by
And I could see
Those lovely pictures
Of you and me

I remember that you
Were always near
Always keeping me close
There was nothing that I fear

It’s hard to forget
someone like you
so sweet and so kind
And always stayed true

As all my tears fall
I have realized
That you were everything
That surrounds my life

Now as I walk on by
I could see you there
I stop and think
I wish that you were here

Nothing hurts more
Than saying goodbye
But can’t stop thinking
Of the first day I said “hi”

by Brenda Caldera

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Comments (2)

i love this poem in fact it touches my earth, gal you are wonderfull it is all about days activities of man's life time bully for you
brenda...........you're deeply in love.......a feeling so fine.