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Love In An English Garden

Across the shining river the hills still carry snow
The wind is blowing from the north, yet you would hardly know
That winter was still present, something you would not guess
When strolling warm and sheltered in the lovely grounds of Ness Down in the peaceful valley spring flowers face the sun
Where can you match this blossom yet the year has scarce begun
Soon blackbird, yaffle, chaffinch each will their love profess
Love in an English garden, this Eden known as Ness Known widely for its Excellence of shrub of flower and tree
The finest teaching garden in the country it must be
Not only birds & insects their suit with fervour press
But many a maid when courted here has also answered yes! Love in an English garden! What better place than here
Where sea and marsh and mountain at each
viewpoint appear
Where perfume, form and colour are perfect, nothing less
For love in an English garden the choice is surely Ness

by Fred Camenisch

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