Love In Four Elements (Senryu)

Poem By Mihaela Pirjol

deep-rooted in heart
long shedding tears—erosion
evaporate fire

Comments about Love In Four Elements (Senryu)

deep-rooted in heart long shedding tears—erosion evaporate touching and impressive. Beautiful poem so nicely executed.. Thanks for sharing.
Long shedding tears of love! ! Thanks for sharing.

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We cannot aspire to that, which is already dead,
And there is no solace in delusion;
We should save the present for future memories;
Thus, to remember we had a life we lived.

Celebration Of Life

Come! Join, and celebrate the Feast of Life!
Let us bathe in turquoise waters, free, as fish are;
Let our bodies swim with the aquatic currents
In saline refreshment, delighting our senses:

Speak To Me

Speak to me
when I am lonesome,
weak, and sad;

Lucidity Of Love (Tanka)

everything we know
contradicts the mind of heart
everything unknown
unveils its mystery when


Fears in heart, fears in mind,
For them reason I can't find;
Fears in love, and of unknown,
Of the wind and what may blow: