Love In Space We Move Closer

Good was the vibes
She move to the sound
Music of her mind
When he held her she was warm
What the tune in her mind
He have the word to her song
She was dancing to his beat
While laugh in her soul
Trying to remembering the times
His face and words
Fade in the color
Of broken dreams
All is real today
See him dancing
In his eyes he watch
Her every move
It real moving to song of heart joy
That was play
He held her close
There no space for anything to come
Between them lover
She love how tight he held her
She was safe in his embrace
How he smell so good to her
She breath deep his space
Wish that the moment would last
He wanted her to love him
Deep in her soul
To sing song of wonderful
When dreams come alive
As you hold love in heart
To come alive at that first touch
Not wanting to ever let go
Essence of true love
Support us as we dance
To life in truth in our soul love is reborn
A thousand time when we embrace
Deep in our soul love is rooted
In the space we move in
He hold her tight
She move even closer
Only leaving space
For a true love

by George Jerone (Brother DeBuff) Jefferson

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