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Love In The Dark
CH (23 December / New Zealand)

Love In The Dark

Poem By Chelsea Hansford

Seduced by candle light,
You look so beautiful,
I want to capture this moment,
And hold it close to me.
Your skin is glowing with passion,
And your eyes find mine,
So gentle are your kisses,
So erotic but caring.
You whisper in my ear,
Secrets of the ages,
So timeless and perfect.
I worship you,
The God of my heart,
The King of my happiness.
I want to devour you,
Enjoy every thing I can,
Because the sun of tomorrow,
Will start a new day,
One in which you and I,
Will no longer be,
Wrapped in each other.
Back to our own worlds,
Back to responsibility.
But for tonight,
I surrender to you.

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