Love In The Salt Marsh

So still you wait, for sea to reach
and kiss your maiden ferns
and taste of your sweet innocence.
Licking and caressing your silken tresses
to bring life again to your fevered brow.
Nourishing and replenishing
the life and vitality hidden within your firm soft sands
You drink him in
As he tastes and tickles at your sweetness
and eases at the roots of your youth
asking you to follow him and be one with him,
A tempting fate for one desirous
of widened horizons and delicious space.
He nibbles on, and delicious weakness washes at your knees
A veritable treasure of strength and goodness
flows from him and surges through the heart of you.
It makes you weep
As life takes form within your breast
A kaleidoscope of color within your world.
But wonder plays its merry jest,
for tide must leave, you lying still.
Heaving and quivering,
A moonlit hill
of Grassy banks and crickets call
and rustling rushes
living all,
above the edge of tide so harsh
protected by salt water marsh.

by Susan Casey

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