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Love In The Unperfect World

I saw a blind man,
so I made him see.
I saw a sad boy,
so I made him happy.
I heard a bad song,
so I made it better.
I found a lost dog,
So I gave it a home.
I saw a broken toy,
so I fixed it.
I saw a sick woman,
so I cured her.
I read a mistake,
so I corrected it.
I saw a poor woman,
so I made her rich.
I saw a dark corner,
so I made it brighter.
The place was dirty,
so I cleaned it.

Then I met you,
and I found perfection.

by Roger Naya

Comments (2)

Such clarity of vision for one so young. I wish I thought of these words - It's something I would have love to have written and to perform such miracles - it has Christ like qualities.
hi roger....you're so divine..........