Love In The World!

Love between suitable souls are rare in world life!
Even if love blooms between two soul mates success of
Its fulfilment seems to be in oblivion as in tragic plays ever!

Agony of failure in love is too much to bear due to
Attachment of love in life cannot be changed forever!
Non-attached love is spiritually high as it's universal in nature!

Love and wisdom make life blissful and free to live in the world!
It is only fortune that brings two souls of true love together
And makes life a complete story of joy to live well ever!

Beauty and sensuous love are rare indeed for anyone to enjoy!
Such a love in reality can become a romantic poetry as in dream!
Where can such a life one can see if love life happens so in reality?

Love in life is rare as precious material or treasure hidden unknown to all;
Finding that treasure of love is the utmost quest of all ever in world life!

by Ramesh T A

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