Love In Those Saffron Eyes

Of love and merriment, the roses red,
The ever fleeting brook,
With pebbles still, on earth nightfall’s shed,
...Where’er myself I took,
Those 'love and merriment' were everywhere,
In chanting wilderness.
Where joy is everywhere, ‘nd far from nowhere,
The queen of tenderness.

This love is now shallow in human heart,
As every sorrow, from heaven apart.

For love of kindness, the mercy and joy,
A love that ends in love;
Is not those of men’s sweetest decoy,
But of th’ heaven above.
Thus love that to us is pleasant and fair,
In saffron eyes of Dove,
Doth sing, but a song of deepest despair.

Note: Some of the Dove birds are called the 'Divine Bird' or 'Bird of God' as mentioned in the 'Book of Solomon'(1: 15) , and often 'The Bird of Melancholy' for being 'Saffron-Eyed' where 'Saffron' is often thought to be the colour of sadness, and also for the fact that when it calls or make sounds, the tone is like a mourning one.

by Mirza Beg

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