DJ (10th August 1991 / Slagelse)

Love Is...

Love is when you find a fallen leaf..
You pick it up, and smile..

Love is when a goal, you do, achieve..
You laugh, and feel so proud..

Love is there, when your child is born..
You're happy, because it's yours..

Love is there, when you're outworn..
You're sad, but still not different..

Love can make the sun shine, so brightly..
Yet still so much, it hurts..

Love can make it rain, a river tightly..
A river, in your eyes..

Love is when you cry,
When you fight for your will,
Love is when you ask why,
Oh, why did you stand still..

Love is full of harm, but why so much..
So much, that we nearly die..

But why?

Love is full of plead, but no one's begging..
Just a final touch, and my pain would not've been in vain..

I love, love. That is why I can outstand the pain.

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