Love Is...

Bending down to get their glove,
Not thinking of yourself...above.

Giving those who need...a ride;
Walk not in front but at their side.

Just to lend a listening ear
May lift someone that's cheer.

On your visit to their home
Read to them a timeless poem.

Offer help to those in need;
Love is shown by selfless deed.

Give to those who can't repay;
Truly this is love's own way.

by Pene Burkey

Comments (3)

...............this is a wonderful message of what love's the little things that are most important......
The style is very classical and I loved it. Please do write more like this one... A very good work indeed......
I love the way you seem to write straight from your heart. I have read much of your work and really enjoy it. We share a certain view of things. I look forward to reading more of your poems. sincerely, mary