VKN (september 24 1985 / Chennai)

Love Is...

Walking thru the shore for a while,

i sat over the sand lonely,

watching the moon falling into sea,

i fell asleep deep inside me!

Eyes wide opened by a ray of light!

I doubted the near existence of night!

Like a diamond shining at its best!

Or the sun should have lost its watch!

And turned up at a wrong time,

I tuned my focus over it!

It was from a piece of heart!

Left alone broken and radiating light!

Light of love and light of pain!

The heart questioned me,

a dropp of poison turns a pot of honey into poison!

But a dropp of honey couldn't turn a pot of poison to honey!

So what is love?

poison or honey?

I smiled and told that love is that divine magic,

which can turn a ocean of poison into a dropp of honey!

Its the elixir of life!

All of a sudden,

Thunders and storms of colors,

lightnings of gold,

thousands of roses,

with ice cool breeze,

i felt like falling from sky,

i thought I'm falling in love!

My goodness i have just fallen from my bed!

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