Love Is

Love Is...
Love is sitting around waiting on you for hours
Love is that 'hello kiss' that didn't need flowers
Love is asking me, babe sooo leh meh hear d plan
Love is me responding, babe there is none

Love Is......

Love is that hard double bed that didn't let us off
Love is you exploring my body for the sexiest, sexiest spots
Love is cashmere smoothness of legs that could never be bought
Love Is........
Love is that warm pool water
Love is us merging together made it even hotter
Love is why we couldn't stop touching each other

Love Is.

Love is like a perfect movie setting
Where you are lead actor and I am the lead actress
Love is when you tied back up my bikini string (chuckles)
Love is us sharing two most memorable moments with each other
Love is playing chair race and hide n seek in the water
Love is laughing when glass broke on your back
Love is watching you walk away bare back
Love is to chose to live here and now
Love is being able to float, feet off the ground, though gravity holds us down

Love Is.........

Love is feeling cold when the fan was on
Love is taking me in your arms and then I felt warm
Love is that feeling wrapped up in you, absorbing
Love is that feeling we experienced will never get boring
Love is rain falling, beating riddim on the roof top
Love is trying to keep you up. Wake up
Love is that mad rush to say bring it on
Love is that satisfied feeling when we cum
Love is holding you untop me even though you are 205lbs

Love Is.
Love is white panties lying all forlorn
Love is your scent on my t-shirt never gone
Love is when 10pm turned into 10 in the morn
Love is having to leave at dawn when the bed is still warm

Love Is.......
Love is that sunrise you never got to see, moment was meant especially for me
Love is you saying, I love you baby, you doe know
And in my head....Im Yelling! And..... I love you more! ! ! ...... More than I could ever show

Love is.....

Love is to pause and screen grab moments
Love is that captured memory that lives in both of us

Love Is.
Love is in you and love is in me
We love in prison though our love is free
Love is what remains when you are away from me.......

Love Is.............

Love is feeling... that Untouched, TOUCH
Love Is..............
Pencil drops....................

Love IS US

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