Love Is ….

Love is not a deed
It's a lovely need

Love is not a weed
It's a lovely heed

Love is not a reel
It's a lovely creed

Love is not a deal
It's a lovely feast

Love is not a tap
It's a lovely trap

Love is not a Bop
It's a lovely hope

Love is not a flap
It's a lovely lap

Love is not a chap
It's a lovely art

Love is not a knot
It's a lovely loaf

Love is love always
That's lively as Feenix

©2014 SALINI.S.NAIR. All rights reserved


Comments (10)

A sweet and beautiful poem............10
nice rhymes and a good choice of words enjoyed the read Salini
Loved the way you tried to feel and explain love in it's diff. perspectives.
In the ocean of philosophic poems of Salini an stream of sweet river water. More poems like this Salini, beauty, beauty and beauty.
Wonderful array of words and beautifully rhymed good job thank you
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