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Love Is.......
HN (8/27 / Victorville)

Love Is.......

Poem By Heather Noble

Love is something that I cannot explain.
Like the look of a dream, or the smell of rain.
Love is like a mountain, that is very hard to climb.
Nothing can describe love, not a song, or a poem's rhyme.
Love is never love, until you give it away.
I think true love is forever lasting, like good tooth that won't decay.
Love sometimes is heart breaking and it really is not fair.
But when yo find true love, hold on, because to find true love is rare.
Out of all the guys I have every met.
There is one that I will never forget.
God told me to choose this guy, from all of the rest.
Because God knew I would love him just the very best.
Everyone thinks I am lying, and that I can't fall in love at such a young age.
But every thought, every sweet thing he says, just makes me write another blessing down, and fill another page.
He loves me when I am pretty, and he loves me when my face is plain.
He loves me on the sunny days, or even when it's pouring rain.
And the day I met him, I started to see.
That the feeling of love exist in me.
Love brings out all my saved up wishes and tears.
Love helps me believe in myself, and fight my greatest fears.
Most people my age don't have much to say.
Because they have not experienced true love, I know there is no way.
I feel so lucky, yet so good to know he's by my side.
And now that the doors of forever are opened, my feelings I will not hide.
Because he is the one that stepped out of my fairytale dreams.
He is the only guy that shows me what true love really means.
This love we share is like sky diving, because when the parachute breaks,
It all becomes missing, and my heart trembles and shakes,
No other feeling in the world could ever compare,
To the relationship and love that he and I share.
From the way he looks at me, I see the future, present, and past,
And because of this feeling that almost makes me hurt, I know that this will last.
Sometimes I laugh when he's not even funny.
I always regret when I call him a dummy.
Just like Cinderella, and the great morals she was sending,
I know that this love is rich, and it will have a happy ending.
I asked God for a boyfriend, he gave me true love,
I asked God for a small red bird, and then he gave me a beautiful dove.
I asked God for a pond, and he gave me a lake.
I asked God for a cookie, and he gave me a whole whip cream cake.
I asked God for a flower, and he gave me that too.
But most importantly, I asked God to send an angel, and he sent me YOU!

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