Love Is A Two Way Street

Love is give and take
Everyone is a winner

Learn to forgive whom you love
And hope you are forgiven the same

Mistakes and misunderstandings
can always happen

Love can be fun
Love can be art

I give you box of candy
and you give me jar of honey

Shower me by your love
I will shower withlove too

Love is a fascinating song
One plays the harp and the other sing

Love can be a street called desire
A long street leading to paradise

You foot the bill
And you enjoy the ride

So always remember
Love needs to be reciprocal

Love is a shoo-shoo train
You are the conductor

Be careful and be faithful in duties
Everybody will be happy and thrilled

So don't forget the candy and honey
The harp and the beautiful songs

The beautiful scenery
and the whistles of the shoo-shoo train

by Sherif Monem

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