Love Is A War

words are rhythm with deception
rages against me with his fist
Its all just blacked out, a blare away from my dreams
In the corners of ears I can hear the echo of Ave maria.
Love has become an addiction so fatal
He promises he will never hit again
He promises he will never say those abusive words again
My tears were meant to save me, but instead my tears has become his obsession
On the first day, he was an angel, with wings that could fly me up to heaven
I closed my eyes and he changed into a monster
He heard voices so evil, he became, he became mad
Every word I say is not right, he is the one who is always right
Every tears I cried, it made him even more angry
He said I maybe beautiful but no man will love me, like a curse he placed upon my life.
I prayed to god to save me, I ran to the door. But he locked the doors and pushed me in.
All my tears counted my days……
His promises are all lies. Oh baby I love you and I will never hurt you again.
ITS ALL JUST WORDS bursting in my ears with his every fist
I bruised his face to run out the room, but no one cared to hear my calling
What is love when I keep getting trapped in this addiction.
Oh help me virgin Mary for no woman should suffer
I keep forgiving, and kept going back for me. I thought I could save him
But it was myself I needed to save.
But this was not love, it was his obsession.
Through this war, I ran so hard, so fast, so fast, to never hear his threats and fell his fist on my body again.

I placed my hands through his hair and watch something so beautiful become so evil. He bit me so hard, the violent words is like watching my dreams falling apart.

Trapped in his cage, like a little bird, a little toy.
All just bad hurtful memories, OH please stop blaming me.
Stop trying to disfigure my face. You are not the only one who will love me.

by .... Chetty

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