If my words enter your mind
You are my life and world
I have a wild wandering soul
Sometimes miles to go before I sleep
Love is an irresistible desire
Whatever demands your pleasure makes
I can give you none
I know you will be happy there
And that thought calms me
On the breath of the breeze
Secrets only the souls know
My mind is bound like wisps of mist.

by Shelva Suresh Thachayil

Comments (3)

Angel + Dove = Loving Human. I never considered such an equation, but it is very reasuring to think those components are within us, and the experience of love evokes them. I can't speak French but just seeng it printed in the first convinces me the words sound more persuasive, more credible in French. ALWAYS LOVE INVADES OUR EVERY SENSE. I believe that. Love in every dimension - not just being in love, because not everyone has that fortunate experience with another person - rather love as that attraction of self to goodness, truth, beauty, all those positive things of the world love is guiding us toward. An uplifting poem.
Pure beauty in it's very essence. Perfect beauty in this piece Sandra. :)
Love.... a blend of angel and the dove! Just beautiful! Yes, love is the antidote to all ills of life! This poem is a macrocosom encased in a microcosom! I invite you to read my poem On (Of?) Love!