Love Is All We Need

I don’t want to be the tremendous-politician
I don’t want to be the super-religious
I don’t want be the wise of this time
I do want the world to wake up and answer
Where is the LOVE?

Where is the sun I used to see?
Where the perfect picture went?
Where’s the joy of humanity’s hearts?
Where can I unearth the lost silver?
Where is the LOVE?

The Sun used to shine
The Light was up in all places
Happiness was in the breathing
Joy, the victory anthem
Where is the LOVE?

I saw the breeze from heavens
I saw the black cloud up in the sky
The hurricanes from place to place
Just like devils black parade
Where is the LOVE?

Greatest battles fought
Unwished moments passed
Dead dreams circumnavigated
Broken heart divulged
Where is the LOVE?

Who’s on a search the missing?
Who’s crying for lost angel?
Who’s grieving for the vanished belief?
Who will weep for the time?
LOVE is all we need

One soul can’t shake this pain
One heart can’t stand this quake
One voice can’t make this song
One nation can’t win the battle
LOVE is all we need

Let us all stand together
Let us all raise our hands up
Let us all sing one song of lifetime
Let all generations feel freedom
LOVE is all we need

The idiom the dump can speak
The song the deaf can hear
The glow the sightless can see
The affordable consent
LOVE is all we need

All flags will be in the air
All Waving freely
All nations will be smiling
All compassion will matter
LOVE is all we need

Hearts will really mean something
Love will no longer be a mystery
Dreams will come true
All will be possible
LOVE is all we need

by Keith Anastase KAMOSSO

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Your compassion for humanity shines in this poem. Keep the faith and keep writing! ! Thank you for sharing.