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Love Is As Obvious As Noise
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Love Is As Obvious As Noise

Poem By Raj Dronamraju

Love is as obvious as noise
And also hard to pinpoint
Does that come from here (points to self)
Or out there (points away from self)
Or up there (points to the sky)

When she looks at me
I feel it is with a combination of pity, curiosity, and a sense of adventure
The third one because I am what she tells other people
Her badge of wildness worn as her only rebel bragging point

Love is as obvious as noise
And just as hard to shut out
Can't turn yourself to stone
Nor muffle the beat of passion
The vibration that pounds and throbs at the consciousness of skin

How does it shatter you like a drinking glass?
It's so lonely in a crowd of you's, each one more priggish
Deliberately blind and voluntarily deaf
You say "Well, I don't know what is going on" and I know you are lying

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