AS (25/04/1990 / Tasmania)

Love Is Beautiful

Love is beautiful,
Love is great.
Then why is it,
That love is what I hate.
Its beautiful like a rose,
Yet has its wretched thorns,
Like when you love someone,
Then find out there not yours.
How old do you have to be to love,
Is there such thing as to young.
I get told that all the time,
Yet I’ve felt more pain then some.
Right now I m in so much pain,
Because of this so called emotion love,
The person that I m missing is an ex that I don’t have.
We dated for over a year,
And its been 9 months since that word,
That he’s lost what we had,
And it isn’t gonna work.
We sleep together and hang out heaps,
Like friends of 3 years should.
I can say I still love him,
But would let go if I could.
We were each others first,
At an age maybe to young,
I know ill never forget him,
And the happiness he brung.
For now I m stuck in two worlds,
One reality, one a dream,
It’s a matter of moving on
and looking past what it may seem

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Angel, love can be a big pain at times when you are young. Normally first loves are the ones you remember all your life, but as you move on, you begin to realise that love is something both partners have to work at. Another lovely poem. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. Keep putting the pen to paper. David