Love Is Blind

They say love is blind
No wonder I am blind to her flaws and mistakes
All I see is her strengths, strong points and fortes
Her radiant skin that shines bright like a diamond
My Star, but no Master D show, she's truly a diamond in the sky
Right there next to the moon, that is how high I regard her
The twinkle in her eyes as I look deep into the windows of her soul
All I see is the mother of my unborn children, Mmaago Michael
The future Mrs. Mogwase, I hope she and my mum don't clash over that title
So all you naysayers and chatterboxes can keep ranting
Of how blind my love is and all that poison you keep spraying
But all I see is her beauty that is inside-out,
And none of y'all lil Stevie Wonders can ever see that
For all you try to show me is all an illusion
So I say to you on this fateful
Let my love be blind

by Kesaobaka Abednego Mogwase

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