(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

' ' ' Love Is Blind – Mein Kampf!

I mean...how was I to know.

& yes...I picked contestant No.2.


I always had a thingy for German blokes.

But then what choice had I?
Stalin was No.1 and the other one was Genghis Khan.

I wasn’t exactly
killed for choice!

At once Hitler invaded
my private space
annexed all my attention.

I mean it was a Blitzkrieg!
I didn’t have time to say “Nein! ”

And the Hit man was the kind
who would take no for an answer!

Now I am expecting
his love child

& the Fuhrer has yes...you guessed
flown the nest.

What did I expect...a 1000 years?

All I got was
a grubby postcard from
Buenos Aries
(40 years out of date)

And a stuck on photo booth picture
with his moustache shaved off.

God I always hated
that moustache...it tickled so!

But what will I tell the child
when he asks(as he’s bound to do)

“What did Dad do
in the last war? ”

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