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Love Is Dead In Los Angeles

Everybody is alone driving on the freeway
Trying to make it on their own, love is dead in LA
I go out to a bar for a girl that I must find
She captivates my heart I know that love is blind
I call her for a date I plan a special day
She says call me later love is dead in LA
In the mall I look at faces the faces blankly stare
They all can look beyond me they clearly cannot care
I picked a face and I said hi and said I come from the east
She said welcome now go home and leave the west in peace
I dont care if you're from here or you're from far away
It takes a bit but you will learn love is dead in LA
You'll be beaten till you're broken i assure you you will pay
Hear the words i have just spoken love is dead in LA
So I'll board this old train to return from whence I came
I'd rather die and be obscure than play this stupid game
If you are stubborn and you don't care ignore just what i say
You won't fit in you won't survive it'll crush you in LA
If you haven't gone out west young man heres some sage advice
Stay where you are and learn to love and live where folks are nice
If you're mean If you're cold with a heart that's made of Ice
LA was made for someone like you its a head that's full of lice
There's a reason why when in you fly the city's cloaked in Gray
Gray always grows where love has died
It ravishes LA.

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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You are right, I really like this poem, Beau. It's heartache at it's finest, and you're not going to put up with it, hell no! If your heart isn't cold and dead, there are just some places that you just don't go. Sadly, there are lots of places like that. -L.C.