Love Is Elitist

Love is elitist
It automatically establishes a hierarchy
The haves and the have nots are truly separate this time
The self is parenthetical, a good looking face and effort is not a guarantee for success

Love is elitist
Somebody has something you do not
Something that cannot be shared or measured
Central planning cannot apportion this

Love is elitist
This revolution does not go a full 360 degrees
No manifesto to guide human behavior
Equality's promise cannot shroud individual free will

Love is elitist
Love is exclusionary, it is not profound
You only care about it once you can experience it
With a coat of the finest corduroy, you learn to like the doors slammed in your face

In this place, the family surrounds you, in other places they disperse
I was offered freedom without companionship or help, I rejected it
Love is elitist, it is not open to everybody
An invitation is as unpredictable as the behavior of women

by Raj Dronamraju

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