EC (02/18/1991 / Oakville, Ontario)

Love Is Endless

He noticed when I blushed
I turned away and wanted to hide it
No one has ever really done that ever before
I couldn't help it
Those butterflies took over my stomach
I wanted to fly away
I was scared and didn't understand it
Then he came up behind me
He hugged me so tight
It felt so right
I couldn't get it
I didn't know him all that well
We connected and it began
The kisses were like satin sheets against bare skin
The hugs were protective and comforting
Everytime he touched me I shivered
It wasn't because I was cold
It was because i loved him
He made the clouds fade
He brought the sun out every day
Finally one day
I didn't see him again
He left me for someone else
He was gone forever
My heart was trampled again
I didn't get it
Love isn't always the right word to use
I care is a better one to choose
Have fun but don't stop caring
You will get it in the end.

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Comments (4)

it`s so well done.... and in general i appreciate when while falling in love a person even losing one`s head doesn`t lose one`s brain. and for sure u didn`t
nice sad lyric poem...touching............10
great introspective write about love...nice poem...10
Very good Emily. Keep it up.