O silver lining beauty!
Springs life O divinity!
Greenery is your creativity,
Brims all water bands in bounty.

Dry or wither you renew,
Every plant sprouts new,
Deserts turn in fertile,
Rivers joy never futile.

O rain the saving grace from sky!
Souls of farmers feel high,
Earth rejoices as feast,
On your advent every beast.

You are timid and mild in flow,
Taking the upper hand in blow,
Not nightmare havoc sad to land!
Leave not, a city or town of coastal band!

Rich or poor in trauma you pull,
Make every object as your wool!
Hamlet swinging as Titanic ship!
Battling with deluge warship!

Why so hot dear Indian Ocean!
Intense rain fall lashed in motion.
Your fury marooned all life disaster,
Whipped up flooded to your altar.

Flats on lakes and riverbeds as Promised Land!
Did trap helplessly, annoyed floating islands,
Communications of all networks fail,
Access to our own neighbour nail.

Is it our mismanagement greed?
Cause natural disasters to breed!
Awesome wreaking havoc made men equal,
Compelled Nature's law as sequel.

Blossomed genuine fortitude in humanity!
Proclaimed humane spirit in veracity!
Teach us to face the huge responsibility!
Fight back with the reality!

No doubt it is a man-made disaster,
Encroachments along ways water,
Nipped in the bud is wisdom,
Enlighten; it's time to save Eco system.


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