Love Is Hard

I am sitting by the road thinking about you
Wondering why or how I could ever doubt you
You tell me you love me but how do I know it is true
How do I know it is real this feeling you tell me you have for me
Many times before I have been told the same

Thinking of you makes my heart race
Sitting here all alone I don’t have to hide how I feel
I am a man I should not cry but here I don’t have to conceal
The tears falling down my face
My body feels the pain

Should I take the chance again?
Trusting you not to tear my heart apart
Hoping you are the one that will be true
The one that will lift my soul
Make me fly with the wings of love

Or do I walk away keep safe
Turn my back on the smallest chance
Do others feel as I do?
Am I the only one with these doubts?
Love is so hard and so frightening! ! ! ! ! !

by Dennis Walker

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Love is extremely hard..noone said it was easy..Love has its risks and chances that we take..Comes of a package of hurting..At the same time its a overwhelming feeling...Just wanted to say nice poem.You reminded me of how I was before I got together with my soulmate..If u need to talk..u can always email me at have written poems on this site in dedication to my love..God bless