Love Is In The Air..!

Its hard when things get changed,
So rapidly that u can never imagine;
With days & nights showin no mercy,
It detracts life & spoils routine;
Eyes remain wet & they never turn white,
Are the aftereffects of losing a love so divine.

At nights no sleep and-
U gaze at those empty streets;
U sit in places wher u have seen her by,
With traces of tears preceding ur way;
U long to hear the voice of her,
Her eyes, her voices and all those again,
Jus then comes a shearing pain;

Rendered by ur eyes, u see her in dreams, &
Plead her that she all u need;
Its been long winter for the love of mine,
Hoping for the spring to arrive;
Caz I wonder when will I ever see,
U smiling back at me; &
Showin ur love on ur face so bright.

Girl say it in style, Show it in ur smile,
Its ur love that keeps me alive,
Whisper tonight, though am not by ur side,
Caz love is in the air-I abide;
Feel now girl it stars tonight,
Close ur eyes & open ur heart,
Its my love that’s knockin at the doors,
To the rose whom I always adore…!

by Arun Achudh

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