Love Is Incredible Ever In Life!

All love starts at first sight only, but it's confirmed after sometime;
Best thing for love to survive and fructify into lifelong success takes time;
Continuous meeting by chances only lovers get opportunity to chat and confirm love!

Daring thing is to decide and confirm love to live so forever sans change later;
Everyone who goes by love cannot say immediately one's consent, but mutual consent
Full confirmation is really possible to go ahead in life so against all odds ever!

Good many people welcome love, but reality of life is such that none says it openly;
Honesty and truthfulness are essential to be sincere in one's love to say and live so;
Iron will is necessary to love from first to last in life against all obstacles sure!

Joint cooperation of lovers are very important to take action and be so together ever;
Killing them to maintain honour of society is animal like approach as love is not bad;
Love is divine and true emotional feeling of humans that is harmless to anyone sure!

Many a dream of romantic love is hardly possible in reality but only in dreams ever;
Nevertheless, romance and love of one's heart never dies and sustains life long so...;
Openly declaring love may be hard to do, but love lingers between lovers in secret!

Personal touch love can provide for anything and everything in the human world ever;
Quite a trying thing love is enteasing one with imaginations always going wild nonstop;
Romance is immortal in human affairs leading to fruition of love, but when can't be said!

Some have hard heart to indulge in such sorts of romance like a hard nut or rock to crack;
That kind of status too love makes upside down like the rare flower blooming on rocks....;
Union of opposing types of guys and girls fall in love suddenly so in life as in cinema..!

Voluntary participation in romantic affair only can lead to love and fruition in life ever;
Ways of life are such that when two hearts meet and get united in love is a big question as
X and Y are supposed to solve a problem in mathematics applying some formula to cook answer!

Years of hidden love between two hearts waits for apt opportunity to reveal with time going fast
Zeroing to the central point of love praying to Cupid to strike arrows between hearts one day!

by Ramesh T A

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A very adorable write Honestly and truthfulness are precious aspects of a beautiful life