MA (March 27,1951 / India)

Love- Is It A Buisness Deal...

I used to believe
Is not a
Business deal.

It does not
Profit and loss

It was for keeps
To share
Joys and grief

But now
Things have changed
Before signing
On the marriage certificate
Sign a pre nuptial contract

As marriages
At the first
Sign of a crack

What do you expect
When from beginning
Its survival was suspect.

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Comments (2)

Yes, it is unfortunate but true! For Plato it was neck up! For the Realists it became the entire body, and for our todays Materialists, love is weighed with money! Love=Honey=money; -how funny! -Raj Nandy
for olive branch we get at times a thorn bush.. true love of course should not be a business deal.. but difficult to find these days in practical world.. you give a few take a few that is the mentality of many human thinking brains.. when we try to be sincere it is taken for granted.. your write is very strong and really give a message.10+ Rema